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Campaign to promote good habits, OCTOBER

OCTOBER Month, the importance of a good breakfast: Breakfast is essential for optimal physical performance and mental throughout the day. It has beneficial effects on the nervous system and brain and improves the state of mind It helps fight stress

New assembly work begins for Huso29

Huso29 Renovables started this September the installation of 10 Gamesa Model G114 technology wind turbines. This wind farm is owned by EDP and is located in Zas a municipality located northwest of A Coruña, inland. Each aero has a power of 2.6 MW, therefore a total of 26.25 MW. The works of Brial have just […]

Huso29 Renovables carries out a campaign to promote good habits among its workers

SEPTEMBER Month, learn to manage stress: Stress is the second health problem related to work that is most frequently reported in Europe and that represents the cause of the loss of more than half (50-60%) of working hours. Mental fatigue can affect all types of activity, such as in the manufacture of the different components […]

Huso29 Renovables successfully concludes the work of the Valle wind farm

The Huso29 Renovables team successfully completes the assembly of 8 Gamesa Model G132 technology wind turbines. This wind farm is located in Cortes a Spanish municipality of the Foral Community of Navarra, located in the Merindad de Tudela. each aero has a capacity of 3.4 MW, therefore a total of 27.72 MW. The experience in […]

Huso29 Renovables improves its position in major repairs, news in Expansión

The Expansión newspaper echoes the evolution of Huso29 Renovables, which aims to consolidate itself as a benchmark company in the field of wind maintenance and increase the activity by offering greater diversification of services to its customers. Spindle29 Renewables continues to strengthen its position in the area of large corrective for wind energy. Your activity […]

Aeolian oxygenates the Camino de Santiago

In Paradela, a Lugo municipality of the Ribeira Sacra, the installation of wind turbines fuels the local economy within a unique landscape. Source and know more: READ

Huso29 updates the environmental policy 2019

Huso29 is committed to environmental excellence as a fundamental value of its business culture. For this reason, it carries out its activities in a manner that respects the environment. We have modified the environmental aspects for 2019, you can consult it here

Our activity continues in ascending progression

The objective of Huso29 Renovables is to offer the best service to our customers. Your trust, the professionalism of our workers and our management model form the perfect tandem to guarantee the sustainability of our company. Our activity abroad is in the vicinity of 26% of our sales, linked to the assembly area, although lines […]

A high wind production lowers the average market price to € 29 / MWh.

Thursday, April 25 is the day in which the lowest average price of the last 12 months has been marked, with 29 euros / MWh. And is that the generation of wind energy has been very high. According to REE data, the demand share covered by wind energy is reaching 50% in some hours of […]