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Huso29 begins the installation of new parks in Zaragoza

Huso29 Renovables signs a new installation contract, this time, of 20 Gamesa brand wind turbines that will suppose an installed power of more than 64Mw, for Brial Energía, in the Aragón region. It is about 4 wind farms that started the installation works simultaneously, the Tinajeros, Agón, La Nava and Los Cierzos parks are located […]

Renewable energies, essential partner in the fight against climate change.

Renewable energies are sources of clean and inexhaustible energy due to their natural origin. Alternative to conventional energies based on the use of fossil fuels, they do not produce emissions of CO2 and other highly polluting gases that cause climate change and environmental degradation. One of the renewable energies that more implementation and economic contribution […]

Work begins on the wind farm in Greece

Huso29 Renovables began at the end of February a new assembly in the north of Greece, next to the border with Albania. The promoter of the project is ENALLAKTKI ENERGIA S.A. The IPSOMA PAPATHANASIOY wind farm consists of 4 SIEMENS-GAMESA Model G132 technology wind turbines, each aero has a power of 3.3 MW, therefore a […]

The manager of Huso29 Renewables, Ernesto Prieto, mentions the businessman from Villanueva abroad

Last Friday, February 22, in the auditorium Carmen Estévez of the Chairega locality, the first edition of the Gala of the Vilalba business association took place, as well as businessmen, attended by local, provincial and regional authorities, as well as those responsible of different entities and neighbors. Ernesto Prieto, manager of Huso29 Renovables, was awarded […]

New record of daily wind generation in Spain.

The 368 GWh of wind production in Spain last Wednesday was the highest generation figure in Europe, followed by Germany with 162 GWh and Portugal with 103 GWh, according to WindEurope. This figure surpasses previous production records, which were on February 12, 2016 when 365 GWh were reached and on January 30, 2015 with 353 […]