Huso29 Renovables carries out a campaign to promote good habits among its workers

SEPTEMBER Month, learn to manage stress:

Stress is the second health problem related to work that is most frequently reported in Europe and that represents the cause of the loss of more than half (50-60%) of working hours.

Mental fatigue can affect all types of activity, such as in the manufacture of the different components of wind turbines, during their transfer in special vehicles and their installation on the ground (usually wind farms), as well as during their maintenance. It is a consequence of an excessive mental load and appears when we make a prolonged effort, to the limit of our abilities, that is, when the amount of effort required exceeds the response capacity.

This fatigue can be considered normal when rest (sleep or pauses) allows us an adequate recovery. But it may happen that the workload is continuous, to the point that we are not able to recover our usual rhythm.

Then the so-called chronic fatigue appears that occurs when a high level of activity or attention is repeated, so that the breaks are not enough.

To avoid this, we must take into account these Good Preventive Practices:

  •  Adapt the workload to the worker’s capabilities
  • Try to diversify tasks throughout the working day
  •  Take breaks every so often
  • Acquire adequate technical training for each job
  • Acquire and maintain healthy habits: a healthy diet, regular practice of moderate physical exercise and a good resting pattern positively influence not only your own health, but also your ability to resist fatigue
  • Respect the hours of sleep
  • Be clear about the rhythms and goals of the work and increase, if possible, control over them
  • Ensure that participation in work is equal
  •  Find a balance between work and personal life