The manager of Huso29 Renewables, Ernesto Prieto, mentions the businessman from Villanueva abroad

Last Friday, February 22, in the auditorium Carmen Estévez of the Chairega locality, the first edition of the Gala of the Vilalba business association took place, as well as businessmen, attended by local, provincial and regional authorities, as well as those responsible of different entities and neighbors.

Ernesto Prieto, manager of Huso29 Renovables, was awarded by the Vilalba Sete Pontes Business Association as a businessman based in vilalbés abroad. Huso 29 Renovables, located in As Somozas, works in the commissioning and maintenance of wind farms around the world, adding more than 160 employees and billing 13 million. The work philosophy is based on the maximization of quality in the development of projects and a respect for the environment, guaranteeing job security through the use of innovative technologies and the training of its workers.

In this act, which filled the Vilalba auditorium, there was no shortage of praise for the work of the local businessmen, memories of the early days of the Sete Pontes industrial estate and praise of the Vilalba conditions to attract companies.